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We want to make your day unforgettable, we have a staff that can help you with the organization of your event, you do not have to worry, we organize your event and you only see the control from your mobile, we manage your guests and confirm their attendance to your event, do not spend on invitations, because we have digital invitations.
Allow the Florerías de México team to organize your event and make it an unforgettable day in your life!

Event Organizer 

Social events

hand bridal bouquet

Wedding centerpieces

Floral arrangements for wedding

church arrangements

You are looking for an event organizer, in flower shops in Mexico we have the best event organizers

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Florists of Mexico Social Event Organizers

We have simplified social events, the Florerías de México team can organize your event, we have a personalized staff to make your social event unforgettable, our services as event organizers are:
*Control of the social event*
Digital Invitations 
Assembly of weddings or other type of event
We manage your social event
Earthenware Label Mount
Guest reception
Pending event purchases
Confirmation of attendance of the guests
We manage quotes for events
light tracks
Vintage wedding montages
Among other services.

Social event 
Event organizers
event management
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