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Do you ship to all of Mexico?


We have deliveries nationwide, in some cities we only have a specific line of products for sale, you can check the availability in your city at the top of this page. 

How can I return a product ?

Returns only apply when the  floral design is withered or in poor condition, send an email to  with the information attaching a photograph of the product for validation, returns are only valid up to one hour after delivery.


Do you ship to all of Mexico?


We send flowers only in the main cities of Mexico to Excepción  in the state of Puebla, since we have coverage in all its Puebla regions and we distribute flowers with same-day delivery.

Where they are located?
Florerías de México is an electronic business, so we only have production and distribution workshops in most of the main cities of Mexico, you can schedule a visit to the workplace of the best florists in Mexico in the email: support@floreriasdemexico

How can I track my order?


To track your order you must enter its folio at the top of this page in the "Locate your order" option, where you can view the status of your order.


What happens if my order does not arrive on time?


If your delivery is the same day, remember that once your payment is reflected in the system, we have 4 to 6 hours to prepare it and integrate it into the logistics of that same day, if the executive of sales does not notify you of a delay in the same delivery and the courier arrives 30 minutes late, your purchase is free.

If your delivery is scheduled, if the courier arrives  after 30 minutes of the scheduled time, your delivery is free.


What are the shipping options?

You can ship the same day for free or schedule your free delivery, when you request a same day delivery, the route is subject to availability with express delivery (2 hours), otherwise your delivery will be scheduled from 4 to 6 hours once that the payment is reflected in the system.

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