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     Dear florist, I greet you from a distance, and thank you for taking a few minutes of your time

On this occasion I would like to extend the invitation to you to be part of the network of flower shops in Mexico, it would be a privilege to have you in our team of local suppliers in your city, 

The mission of this project is

"Offer excellent customer service, providing the best care, quality and punctuality, so that we successfully and satisfactorily fulfill their commitments." 
"Be there for our florists 24/7, always willing to help in whatever is within our reach so that they can give their best, and work together to have a productive growth"

Our vision

"To be a leading company in the national and international florist sector, providing our clients with products and services of the highest quality, always ensuring the well-being of our collaborators, clients and suppliers".

Our values

  • Responsibility

  • Creativity

  • Commitment

  • Honesty

  • Puntuality

Human quality

We offer you 70% of sales generated on products over $249 MX, and on products -$248 no commission is deducted for generated sales.

We offer you sporadic payments. Arrangements delivered in periods of 7, 14 o  up to 30 days will be paid during the same month of activity.

We offer you the cards with the delivery message at no cost 

We provide you with a free welcome kit with basic supplies for deliveries

We do not charge you for advertising nor do we deduct from your accumulated advertising. 

We give you the option to choose which products you want to deliver to your area. 

Now, the decision is yours, we are in our greatest willingness to grow together with you, if you would like to enter, leave your information and one of our fellow associates will contact you.

Given the COVID situation, I encourage you to move forward looking at what is to come, leaving past time behind and refreshing yourself to achieve success.

Without further ado, for the moment I remain at your disposal, 


Luis Quezada
Managing Director

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